About Us

Exalco, part of the Olympic Group of Companies specialises in the aluminium extrusion industry. We have our own wide and vast range of profiles that we extrude on a daily basis. We also pride ourselves on being one of the few Australian companies that offer developmental services. We can assist with the design and development of your own extrusion systems.

What We Do

Strategically 30 minutes from the Melbourne CBD and housed in our 8900 sq. factory. The Exalco state of the art extrusion plant has:
  • A 2750 US tonne front loaded press that can take 9 inch billets.
  • Fully automated double puller with the capacity to extrude 50 metre lengths.
  • A 150 US tonne stretcher to suite.
  • Automated saw with capacity of between 1 to 16 metres.
  • Up to 12 tonne load aging process.



We have our own extrusion profile systems as well as extruding customers own exclusive designs.


We can assist with the development of your own profile systems.

Extrusion Services

Design and Advice

At Exalco we pride ourselves on having one of the most talented design and development teams in the industry. Having access to our creative developers who are always ready to tackle the most difficult tasks. We find solutions that can often be a challenge to most of our competitors. With this in mind our development team works closely with our clients to achieve the best aluminium design solutions. .


Coupled with our skilled team and advanced state of the art plant, – we are capable of extruding the following grades;
  • i. Alloys
    1. 6060
    2. 6063
    3. 6106
    4. 6061
    5. Others available upon request
  • ii. Tempers including T5 and T6
  • iii. Order quantities, – Non-standard lengths
  • iv. Short lead times also available upon request

Quality Control

Our ongoing commitment to improving production processes will ensure a high level of quality.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact our team for any queries you have.

Phone Number

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm +61 3 8361 2122

factory Location

400 Palmers Road Truganina, VIC 3030 Australia